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Stephen Curry 2 MVP with the Words describing the MVP who led his team to the record 73-9 win/loss season. What motivates him, his energy and the words that go through that man's mind! Words of Curry!


Uniquely designed and handsomely created. 


Please note:  The final product may look a little different from this picture. Each sock is made individually and no two socks are identical.


Made with care in the USA. 

Material Details:


  • Soft Cotton foot for comfort, Polyester, Rubber, and Spandex Blend.
  • Extra cushion for increased support
  • Thick ribbing for secure, tight fit.  Quality Guaranteed! 



Shoe Size

SMALL- (Men) 3-5y or (Women) 4-6

MEDIUM- (Men) 6-8 or (Women) 6-10

LARGE- (Men) 8-12 or (Women) 10-13

Words of CURRY

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