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Individual Training

Individual training sessions are one hour in duration, conducted one-on-one with your trainer. Each work out is designed to strengthen a player's weak skill set and hone in on skills already developed. Emphasis will be placed on the skills required to play expected position(s) for a current or potential team. However, we do believe in establishing a strong foundation incorporating all of the key fundamentals of basketball.  You will be strongly encouraged to practice these skills outside of training sessions. Progress will be closely monitored.

Individual Training $75/hour

Group sessions are one hour in duration and involve 2-8 players. These group sessions focus on the basic fundamentals of all skills needed to improve while addressing the current levels of each player. Group sessions are designed to be challenging to the advanced players yet not overwhelming to the lesser skilled players in the group. Groups will be geared toward bringing out the competitive nature in all players  The majority of drills will be game like situations to sharpen the athlete's basketball  IQ. Players are strongly encouraged to practice drills outside of the sessions and progress will be monitored. Group classes are separated by skill level. 

Jr Beginner
:  players 8 years and younger, learning the basic fundamentals with very little basketball experience. Any player 8 years and younger with the skills and experience may choose to join the Beginner groups with the approval from one of our trainers.

Beginner:  players 9-14 years, learning the basic fundamentals with very little basketball experience. Any players 10 years and older with the skills and experience may choose to join the Intermediate groups only if they have mastered all the skills required and a trainer has approved.

Intermediate:  players 10 years and older with several years of basketball experience, still working on core fundamentals.

Advanced:  players 14 years and older (middle, high school and above recommended) with several years of basketball experience, ready for high level, intense training. 

Group Training $30/hour

Team Training

After consultation with the head coach, team sessions are customized to address those areas that the coach feels would best benefit the team as a whole. Team trainings are 90 minutes duration and will consist of up to 15 players.  

Team Training $120


The Gun 8000 Series

The Gun 8000 Series is the most advanced basketball shooting tool available on the market today.  The Gun 8000 helps improve memory muscle by shooting repetition and by showing the basketball player their shot percentage from each area on the floor.  Whether elbow to elbow, slot to corner, targeted shots, 3 pointers to foul line, the Gun 8000 series is second to none.  Each basketball player knows immediately their shooting percent. From 17 different spots on the floor the player can instantly see their results.

Shooting Session $20/half hour

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